Abax was founded upon the principle of structured payroll management. Our founder woke to discover his payrol cost including taxes, payroll fees, & worker’s comp exceeded 42%. After searching the country for solutions, our owner fell into a payroll – employee leasing system that reduced his cost 20%. Abax was born from this solution, manage payroll structuring, and human capital to produce lower payroll and worker’s comp cost.

Our Objective

To provide a platform where human capital, tax reporting, and monthly union reports are combine to reduce payroll and worker’s comp costs !

Benefit & Value

  • Eliminates Worker’s Comp Audits
  • Provides Timely Union Payroll Reports
  • Per employee pricing structure
  • $2.50 per employee

We provide management & systems processing for:

Payroll tax filing

Monthly Union Benefits, while streamlining Union Audits