About Us

Abax was founded upon the principle of structured payroll management. Abax’s founder while working closely with the management team to solve our cash flow bleed when the team discovered that payroll cost taxes liability, worker compensation, and bookkeeping cost when combined exceeded 42 percent of earnings. After searching the country for solutions, our team fell into a payroll – employee leasing system that reduced his cost initially by up to 17%. From this solution Abax was born, A payroll platform combinding human capital to produce lower payroll and worker’s comp cost.

Our Objective

To provide a platform where the convergence of human capital, tax reporting, and monthly benefits reporting create a sustainable reduction in both payroll and worker’s comp insurance costs !

Benefit & Value

  • Eliminates Workers Comp Audits
  • Provides Timely Union Payroll Reports
  • Reduce payroll bookkeeping cost

Company Services

Abax’s core mission is to service small businesses in a substainable method that helps reduce worker’s compensation rates while simplifying payroll which reduce exposure thereby cutting cost. Our front line services provide employee online location and time sheet attendance services, Abax provides you with crucial key components designed to reduce cost and time invested tracking crew movements across project boundaries.

Utilizing our group discount makes employee leaseback service a viable method for cutting worker’s compensation rates !

Payroll Services – Tier1

$125/- Pay Period

Start up package provides journalized payroll and taxes, and payroll checks with an employee maximum of 25.

Monthly Benefit Reporting – Tier2


Monthly benefit reporting entails Abax taking on the responsibility of reporting the employer’s monthly report of the worker hours to the union.

Prevailing Wage Reporting – Tier3

$25/- Pay Period

Monthly benefit reports entailing documentation of the employer’s workers hours.

LCP Tracker – Tier4

LCP Tracker – $25/- Pay Period

Monthly benefit reports entailing collection of the employer’s documented worker hours to the governmental body responsible for collecting this data.

Abax Formula

Bridging & pioneering business growth through employee leasing, online payroll, and record keeping processes for small to medium construction business!

We provide management & systems processing in:

  1. Payroll Tax Filing
  2. Monthly Benefit reporting
  3. Non-audited worker compensation coverage

Benefit & Value

  1. Worker’s Comp group savings
  2. Timely monthly benefit reporting
  3. A substantial reduction in the weekly payroll cost